Ardecor Perfection:

Crafters of a Wooden Commemorative Plaque for the University of Ottawa in Honour of Al Quaraouiyine University

Ardecor Perfection, a renowned company specializing in crafting wooden artworks, had the immense privilege of participating in a historic project by sculpting a wooden commemorative plaque dedicated to Al Quaraouiyine University, presented to the University of Ottawa. This university, the world's oldest still in operation, was founded in 859 by Fatima Al Fihriya, and this plaque embodies a solemn tribute to its rich heritage.

As part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Canada, Ardecor Perfection worked closely with the University of Ottawa and the Moroccan diplomatic mission to create this wooden artwork. The company showcased its exceptional woodworking craftsmanship, thus demonstrating its commitment to preserving and honoring important cultural heritages.


The wooden commemorative plaque crafted by Ardecor Perfection's professional woodworkers is more than just an object. It is a meticulously sculpted piece of art that captures the very essence of Al Quaraouiyine University and its significance in global cultural heritage. Every detail, curve, and motif were created with care and dedication, transforming wood into a living work of art.


During the unveiling ceremony of the plaque at the University of Ottawa, SM the King's Ambassador to Canada, Souriya Otmani, expressed gratitude to Ardecor Perfection for its central role in creating this commemorative wooden artwork. The plaque, in addition to being a tribute, has become a symbol of friendship between Morocco and Canada, cooperation in higher education, and the preservation of historical heritage through quality craftsmanship.


Ardecor Perfection is honored to have contributed to this memorable event by sculpting a wooden commemorative plaque that embodies history and culture. The company will continue to work passionately to create wooden artworks that capture the essence of historic and cultural moments around the world.

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