Ardecor Perfection and Its Prestigious Partners: Moroccan Excellence in Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design

Ardecor Perfection is a renowned company in the field of architecture, construction, and interior design in Morocco, proud to collaborate with exceptional partners who have contributed to shaping the architectural landscape of the country. Among our valuable partners, we highlight seven entities that have distinguished themselves through their excellence: Bab Almaghariba, Engor, JLA Architect D.P.L.G, Kettani, Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes, Primarios, and TGCC.

Bab Almaghariba:

An essential partner of Ardecor Perfection, Bab Almaghariba, founded in 2016, is a specialized construction contractor managing residential, educational, and commercial projects. Known for its construction quality, project management, and building finishing, the pursuit of quality guides our teams, suppliers, and subcontractors on our projects.


Our valuable partner, Engor, is a Civil Engineering and Public Works company that was established in 1981 under the full name ENGINEERING DE L'ORIENTAL. Engor excels in civil engineering and all construction-related trades.

With over 40 years of experience, Engor continues to grow while placing quality and safety at the core of its concerns. This constant pursuit of excellence is supported by highly qualified staff and ongoing investments in equipment modernization.

Engor's achievements are as diverse as they are spectacular, encompassing the construction of buildings, interior design, maintenance, refurbishment, or demolition. Among these projects are collective housing, commercial and industrial premises, leisure centers such as pools, game rooms, and sports halls, as well as public places such as schools, hospitals, and mosques, to name a few.

Engor is firmly committed to the quality of its services, safety on its construction sites, and customer satisfaction. In this regard, the company has implemented ISO 9001 standards and has maintained its certification every year since 2013, transitioning from the 2000 version to the 2015 version. This approach illustrates Engor's commitment to adhering to the strictest industry standards and delivering outstanding results to its clients. Thanks to its dedication to continuous improvement and recognized expertise, Engor is a trusted partner in the construction and civil engineering sector.

JLA Architect D.P.L.G:

Our esteemed partner, Mr. Jamal Lamiri Alaoui, an architect and founder of the company JLA Architect D.P.L.G, brings exceptional expertise in architecture to our projects. The Jamal LAMIRI ALAOUI Studio, established in 1985 in Morocco, leads a talented group of architects, designers, and engineers, and since 2004, it has had its base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

JLA stands out for its specialization in designing projects for a diverse clientele, ranging from royal families and heads of state to individual private clients and real estate developers. Mr. Jamal Lamiri Alaoui, trained in France, has enriched his expertise by spreading it internationally.

From its beginnings, JLA seized an exceptional opportunity by designing an innovative master plan for the Domaine du Palais in Agadir. This iconic project marked the starting point for the continuous development of skills and specialization of JLA in the design of seaside resorts and master plans. This uniqueness makes JLA an essential player in this field of expertise.

The presence of Mr. Jamal Lamiri Alaoui and his studio in our partnership is an undeniable asset. It guarantees exceptional architectural approach and the ability to meet the most demanding challenges. This alliance between Ardecor Perfection and JLA Architect D.P.L.G embodies our common commitment to excellence and the creation of environments that transcend our clients' expectations, elegantly combining art and functionality. Together, we are determined to continue architectural innovation and shape a future where architectural beauty meets practicality, offering exceptional and inspiring living spaces.

Kettani Immobilier:

Kettani Immobilier, the trusted partner of Ardecor Perfection, embodies the essence of innovation in real estate. By unlocking the potential of its projects, reinventing living spaces, and imagining architecturally harmonious and optimal concepts, Kettani Immobilier redefines the standards of residential excellence.

Among their iconic achievements are Shems Bouznika Premium, CasaBay Sidi Rahal, Les Jardins d'Agadir, Aquarelle Dar Bouazza, Le Clos de Bouznika, Les Résidences du Golf, Shems Sidi Rahal, Ramoflores Sidi Rahal, Les Jardins de Khouribga, to name a few. Each of these projects, located in diverse areas, bears the distinctive mark of Kettani Immobilier. They embody the vision of a real estate group firmly focused on the future, rooted in a dynamic built around fundamental values of trust, rigor, and technical excellence.

The collaboration between Ardecor Perfection and Kettani Immobilier is the result of an exceptional creative synergy, where interior design expertise meets excellence in architectural design. Together, we have the privilege of bringing to life residential spaces that go beyond the ordinary and establish new standards of luxury and comfort. To us, Kettani Immobilier is not just a partner; it's a source of inspiration and a guarantor of quality, allowing us to offer our clients incomparable living environments where art and functionality harmoniously merge.

With Kettani Immobilier, the future of real estate is shaped with bold vision, unwavering passion, and unmatched commitment to excellence. Together, we strive to create a real estate legacy that transcends generations to come, offering places where life truly finds its meaning.

Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes:

Ardecor Perfection, a company known for its commitment to excellence in interior design, is proud to announce its valuable collaboration with Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes. This collaboration is the result of a strong alliance between two major players in the construction and civil engineering sector, joining forces to create spaces of exceptional elegance.

Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes, a renowned company, has built its reputation by specializing in the construction of prestigious buildings and embassies, both in Morocco and abroad. Their unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality make them the ideal partner for Ardecor Perfection.

Over the years, this collaboration has taken center stage in our business. Together, we have had the honor of working on numerous projects within embassies, offering tailor-made solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics in demanding diplomatic environments.

This partnership goes beyond a mere commercial collaboration. It's a creative synergy, a fusion of expertise and talents that allows our clients to benefit from unique and exceptional solutions. Together, we have tackled complex challenges, pushed the boundaries of design, and completed projects that have earned the approval of the most demanding embassies.

Ardecor Perfection wishes to express its gratitude to Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes for their consistent commitment to quality, their passion for innovation, and their dedication to delivering exceptional projects. This collaboration will endure, and we will continue to create spaces that reflect our clients' greatness and elegance through this fruitful alliance with Les Chantiers Marocains Modernes, a trusted and renowned partner.


Our strategic partnership with Primarios holds a unique importance within our corporate ecosystem. Indeed, Primarios excels in a diverse range of skills, from custom furniture manufacturing to interior design, including engineering offices and decoration. Their remarkable expertise, accumulated over the years, serves as an essential complement to our overall offering, allowing us to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically captivating, meeting the most demanding needs of our clientele.

The art of custom furniture manufacturing is a true signature of Primarios. Every piece they design is the result of meticulous attention to detail, judicious use of materials, and a commitment to craftsmanship quality. This meticulous approach results in furniture that combines beauty and functionality, seamlessly integrating into various environments, whether residential or professional spaces.

But Primarios doesn't stop there. Their expertise extends to interior design, where they create custom interior layouts that optimize space usage, improve circulation, and reflect the unique personality of each project. Their engineering offices are breeding grounds for innovative ideas, where talented designers imagine tailor-made solutions that push the boundaries of creativity while respecting technical constraints.

Finally, Primarios excels in the art of decoration, adding the finishing touch to each project by harmonizing visual elements, playing with light, colors, and textures to create unique and memorable atmospheres.

This partnership with Primarios represents much more than a mere commercial collaboration. It's a fusion of talents, a creative synergy where technical expertise and aesthetic sense come together to create spaces that exceed our clients' expectations. Together, we redefine the concept of interior design, bringing to life environments that tell a story, express an identity, and create an unforgettable experience.


Finally, TGCC is a major partner of Ardecor Perfection in the field of construction and engineering. TGCC (Travaux Généraux de Construction de Casablanca) is an essential player in the public industrial works and building sector. With a solid 30-year experience, TGCC has left its mark by constructing high-quality buildings in various sectors, including hospitality, commerce, industry, administration, and residential.

With a team of over 9,000 employees spread across Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa, we have emerged as an undisputed national leader. Our impressive portfolio includes more than 1,000 major projects and works that testify to our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our success is based on solid experience and unwavering professionalism. We are committed to maintaining impeccable quality in all our achievements and showcase our skills to meet the highest expectations of our clients. At TGCC, we believe that every project is an opportunity to tackle a new challenge, push the boundaries of engineering, and create buildings that embody innovation, sustainability, and functionality.

These seven partners, in collaboration with Ardecor Perfection, embody the quintessence of innovation, quality, and commitment in the field of architecture, construction, and interior design in Morocco. Together, we contribute to shaping a promising future for the country, where architecture and interior design play a key role in creating modern and sustainable cities.

Ardecor Perfection is honored to collaborate with these talented partners to promote architectural and interior design excellence in Morocco.